advent 2018

I created an Advent series for you, wrapped up into 7 little emails that will be
delivered straight to your inbox.

Maybe this Advent season you're looking for a little more abundance, a little less stress. 
Maybe you're feeling a slight shift in your soul, like I was, and you're longing to re-discover Jesus in the midst of the wrapping paper and hot chocolate.

I'm going to keep this simple because we all know we need simplicity this season. This isn't a series to tell you what to do or that gives you yet another thing to fill up the already busy Christmas schedule.

Rather, it's a way to discover Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us, in what you’re already doing. 

We’re going to take six days and look at Jesus, the Light of the world, coming into the world, how to notice him in our actual life, and what it means for us as we approach Christmas.

I hope you love it, it's my whole heart and it was an absolute joy to create.

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