Courageous Grace: 30 days of encouragement for the military wife

30 days to a stronger, braver, more resilient you.

Here's the thing, the military can be a lot and most of the time it feels like it's too hard, too scary, too much for one girl to handle.

Sarah decided to stop listening to the voice of fear though, and instead let her friend Jesus serve as her kind guide, showing her how the hard life can actually be the good life when grounded in him. This gave her the courage and strength to keep going, no matter what unknown circumstance they faced.

Dare to take 30 days and discover that Jesus is right next to you as well, inviting you into a wider, deeper, truer way of living this military life. As you discover him in all of your moments, sustaining you through it all, you'll begin to let love lead the way and find yourself braver, more resilient, more covered in love than you ever thought possible.

What if it really is true: Even the hard life can be the good life? 

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